Welcome to Parly - Genetic AI crypto currency trading - 

Parly is just my private hobby. I experiment with AI to forecast crypto currencies. Actually I focus on Ethereum.
This page is to share my results with you. But if you trade, do this on your own risk and keep in mind that you might loose all you have invested.

The results presented here are based on the Genotick AI.
Genotick simply returns UP, DOWN or OUT.
On 'UP' it forecasts a raise for the next time slice. When it says 'DOWN' it forecasts a probability to go short. On 'OUT' it did not come to an result and it suggest to stay out of the market.
Sometimes the system run into an error. This will be announced with 'NOPE' or NULL
The forcast does not take account of any fees or says anything about how much the rate will go up or down.

I'm evaluating a set of  input-data to receive the most reliable forecast on Ethereum/Bitcoin exchanges. The forecast will be calculated every 5min. It takes about a minute, so during calculation only the current estimation is shown.
I achieve a hit ratio of somthin between 51-60%. If you see a lower ratio I probably test new configurations or datasets. Especially when I train the system with a new dataset the estimation hit-rate goes down.

Here you can see the actual hit-ratio. It ist the percentate of correct estimations in relation to the number of estimations in the database.
Please keep in mind that I might currently work on it. Anyway it is very experimental. Here you can see the actual number of estimations in the database. So you can estimate how reliable the current estimations are.

No. of Estimations in db: 0

Here are the actual estimations:

Thursday 25th of May 2017 11:45:00 PM NOPE
Thursday 25th of May 2017 11:50:00 PM NOPE

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